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So you have somehow arrived at this post. The reality is there are not many opportunities for artist and designers who may be talented but do not possess B.F.A's, M.F.A's ect. But is that really true? Kinda, true but not absolutely true. After traveling and working as an artist and jewelry designer for 16 years I have asked experts from New York to Hollywood the same question. "What is possible for talented artist who are not connected to the holy grail of the art world? 

Not much is a consistent answer though it has been worded at least one thousand ways.

So I dreamed, and out of my "perfect world" conversation with a friend 10 years ago came Crafted N | a place for creatives to grow beyond there own social circles, geographic locations, and financial abilities. 

We built the machine, all that we need from you is new fuel, new art, new designs. We make it easy for the creatives to focus on what they do best. 

You create the work, we market and grow the brand, as your works sells you get paid once a month. 

So it is simple. to begin the process simply email us a sample of your work and lets get you scheduled for an interview.


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