"Girls Wear Jewelry, Women Wear Darrell Roach."

Drjeweldesign by Darrell Roach

Darrell Roach is raw art in motion.  Staring with $7.50 and a roll of copper wire from Home Depot he developed a flow of line and color to create wearable works of beauty.

After making over 40,000 works of art over the years the rhythm of free expression in each design is the raw essence of power unbounded that lives in every being .

The heat of attraction and magic. The transformation from average to stellar. 

"The space between starting to stardom, Legends Wear Darrell Roach."
Some of his most notable clients and models have been Prince Rogers Nelson may he rest in Paradise, Beyonce, Rihanna, Judith Hill, Andy Allo, Elle King, Lalah Hathaway, Lana Del Rey, Lauren Hill, Nicci Gilbert, Adrian Anderson and to many more to list. 

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