I Darrell Roach support and believe in the hemp and cannabis industry. I believe in the end of prohibition, decriminalization of marijuana and an effort to make all of those whole who have been criminalized because of cannabis related convictions. I support organizations like Women Grow (www.womengrow.com)  because they are on the right side of the change that needs to happen from legislation to empowerment for women and people of diverse backgrounds to have a fair chance to change their socioeconomic positions through the cannabis and hemp industry. I am only speaking for my self as the owner and CEO of Darrell Roach Designs, LLC and the Co-Manager and Co -founder of the Metal and Canvas brand. I believe that parents should open the dialog and set the standard in their homes with their children in the changing landscapes as with alcohol and any substance that can be psychoactive. I am not for cannabis use that is non medical for children under the age of 25 because I was that kid and honestly I realized after 25 I needed a fully clear head to accomplish my life's goals and quit. I am not for smoking and driving as it is just as dangerous as alcohol and medication in terms of diminished mental awareness and response times. Consuming Cannabis should be treated with maximum safety and concern for ones self and others.

With that said Rock on with these DOPE selections for the Cannabis/Hemp enthusiast.