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Majestic Ankh Small Bangle 10 Gauge

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This Majestic Ankh Bangle is made of .935  Silver and is made to order. This bangle is the smallest in the collection and weighs just under 1 ounce of .935 Deox Silver. Purer than Sterling and fit for the man that wants weight on his Jewelry and women who want the boldest statement piece. Please allow two weeks for shipping.

 Total Weight Approximately 24.31 grams

ALL JEWELRY is made to order specifically for you. When you place an order the machine starts. The average time to make and finish a piece is 2 weeks however sometimes there could be hicups in the manufacturing process that can delay orders by a week. In the event your order will be delayed we will contact you to make sure you are aware. We appreciate you and every order. With Gratitude we wish you health, love, and peace. Thank you for shopping Darrell Roach Designs.