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Morisha Neter Necklace by Darrell Roach (Art Smith Inspired)

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Morisha Neter is an inspired multi wear piece of jewelry by Darrell Roach


it could be worn layered, straight, or even as a belt. 8.5 hours of work went into this piece working over every detail of every link. This is a collectors item as it has a plate complete with hand signature, date, and name of the piece on it hand written by Darrell Roach.


My Inspiration came from the piece “Diminishing Spirals” by Art Smith. 

Arthur George "Art" Smith was one of the leading modernist jewelers of the mid-20th century, and one of the few Afro-Caribbean people working in the field to reach international recognition. He trained at Cooper Union, NYU, and under Winifred Mason. Wikipedia