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The Torus Wave Bangle

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The torus

Embedded torus fields

The way more complex structures sustain themselves and their energetic field is made possible by another important structure: the now-famous Torus.

“The torus is an incredibly beautiful form, and in my understanding it seems to be the first and most fundamental form in the matrix of creation. All energy strives to explore itself and express its potential, and to share that expression with the whole as efficiently as possible. The optimal way to do this is the Torus, as it is the most efficient and self-sustaining way for an energy flow to express itself while entering, holding, and leaving a center. In other words, this beautiful and self-emergent form is the best and easiest way for the entire creation to sustain and express at the same time – and express awareness or awareness, than meeting the waves!

The center of the Torus contains the whole, in which all waves come together and share their identity, their memory and their dynamics in a non-destructive way. This size-independent shape is therefore the best, simplest, and most form for atoms, our hearts, our minds, our buildings, our communities, our planet, and beyond.”

Each bangle is hand forged out of thick copper wire. According the Smithsonian reports copper is an antibacterial affect to Covid 19 and other viruses. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/copper-virus-kill-180974655/