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Korto Momolu Earring I - Copper

Korto Momolu Earring I - Copper

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This design was first created by Darrell Roach in 2012. It took many months of experimenting to achieve a design that was massively bold without the weight. Once the design was viable Korto along with 3 other notable women were challenged with being the testers to determine wearability as an all day earring. Over 10 years later Korto wears them almost daily and graced us with the excitement of seeing them on television over 10 years later as she competed on Project Runway Allstars Season 20. They shall forever be named the Korto Momolu I as an honor to my  friend and fellow designer who continues to breath life into this designer dream year after year. 

Each Pair is handmade and will be close to what is seen in the image with a few modernizations to enhance comfort, fit, and lay. These are made to order so please be patient as some orders will come out faster than others depending on current workload on the day of the order. 

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